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Debt Cutter

Debt Cutter is an Australian owned and based company whose aim is to assist clients with a legitimate hardship, who are in over their heads and need relief from their debt problems. We CARE and our friendly staff are happy for you to call us and talk about your situation. We will discuss ways to help you get out of debt starting today and then you can learn how to maintain a debt free lifestyle to ensure the same thing does not happen ever again.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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Loan Market

With so many home finance options on the market, a Loan Market Home Finance Broker should be the first person you visit before you even start looking for your home. Loan Market Offers; *Home Loans *Refinancing *Construction Loans *Commercial Loans *Deposit Bonds *Loans for the self employed For more information on home finance, preapproval or the home loan that is in your best interest, talk to Katharina Harhanto Home Finance Broker. Loan market brokers work closely with real estate networks and especially understand the realities of getting your home finance settled on time and at the right price. We can help you choose the right home finance, get your home finance approved, including your credit profile, helping you manage the home loan to settlement application process and the costs involved in buying a house and getting a home loan Ã? and may even be able to find you a better deal with your own bank.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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ACS Financial

ACS Financial is a specialist provider of Insurance Services, Investment Management, Commercial Lending and Fleet Management for Church, Charitable and Not For Profit organisations Australia wide. Let our belief, passion for service and quality advice build long-term relationships with your business as we partner together in Goddâ?s Kingdom. Contact ACS Financial on 1800 646 777 or visit

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Christian Super

Christian Super is committed to investing your money ethically in areas that include clean energy, microfinancing and sustainable agriculture. While non-denominational, we invest all assets with a Christian ethical focus, applying Christian stewardship principles to investing your retirement savings. With 20,000 plus members, Christian Super is the default fund for over 1,800 ministry organisations across Australia. A range of competitive insurance and investment choices are available, with provision for members to transition from working life to retirement, all with Christian Super. Christian Super is the industry fund where your money works for you, while working for others. Join other Christians who are growing their superannuation through responsible ethical investmentssâ? positively impacting our world.

Steady Finance        
T: (03) 9800 0505

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