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Computers Causing You Pain? We work with you to build Invisible Software - systems that work just how you'd expect, so you can focus on your productive work rather than on software that just gets in your way. Our IT staff bring you over 35 years experience, gained from working with a broad range of proprietary and Open Source technologies and tools. Our strong IT background is supported by extensive business experience. Let us work with you to bring you the relief you seek. Contact us now!

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Johnson Data Management

Outsourcing critical computer system infrastructure to Johnson Data Management has been a prudent business decision for a growing number of clients nationally. Our Clients rely on our demonstrated expertise to save them valuable time and money as well as protecting against unseen costs and stress due to unnecessary system downtime. The continual performance of your computer system is the backbone of your business. Without it you may not have a business. Call now and let us partner with you!

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Learn IT - Use IT

Which one? When you don't know the difference between a Netbook, Notebook, or Desktop or even what questions to ask when considering buying a computer, we give you expert advice in easy-to-understand terms. We sort out "what you need" versus what "they are trying to sell you". Live in the Greater Sydney area? We can meet you at "the shop" to act as mediator between you and the sales person. Then after the technician has set-up your new computer, check out our ad in Education & Tutoring.

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Stufff That Works

STW is devoted to providing reliable Computer Support to businesses and NFP organisations that want to improve productivity and profitability. With our Network Services that is custom-made to meet your business requirements, youuâ?ll never have to worry about technology again.

T : (03) 8820 3000

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Microscene Computer Services        
T: (03) 5221 8566
Stuff That Works.        
T: 1300133611

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