Find a Christian Business (formerly known as the Christian Business Directory, and later the Family Business Directory) provides an easy way for Christians Australia and New Zealand-wide to locate Christian service providers - both in their local area and further afield. The directory is comprised of businesses that are owned and/or managed by Christians. It also provides a costeffective advertising medium and enables Christians in business to reach a loyal, targeted audience who would mostly prefer to deal with like-minded Christians (where feasible).

Find a Christian Business has been in operation since 2000. Initially started by Hillsong Emerge, in late 2006 it was sold to Media Incorp (In 2011 we changed our name from Media Incorp to Initiate Media. This is to fall into line with the fact that in New Zealand, the USA and the UK we trade under the name of Initiate Media.) Initiate Media also publishes New Zealand's Christian Directory, which, as of 2012, will also be known as Find a Christian Business. The New Zealand directories have been in operation for 14 years, originally under the ownership of Elim Church. Their directories were acquired by Initiate Media in 2008, and we rolled their city directories into one national print and online directory titled New Zealand's Christian Directory.

Initiate Media can be contacted on (02) 9007 5376 in Australia and 09 281 4387 in New Zealand. For queries relating to advertising in the directory, phone 1300 72 66 25 in Australia, 09 361 6710 in New Zealand, or email advertise@initiatemedia.net. Find a Christian Business produces print directories for Greater Sydney, Greater Melbourne, Greater Adelaide, and New Zealandwide. We also have an Australia and New Zealand-wide online directory for both businesses and Christians who fall outside of our print distribution areas.

Our Goals:

Allow church congregations and the Christian community to find Christian service providers easily.
To build a Christian community & foster mutual co-operation among Christian businesses, local churches and the Christian community at large.
Provide businesses with an appropriate medium to promote themselves to church members.
Provide easy networking opportunities for Christians in business to do business together.

About Initiate Media

Initiate Media is the leading Christian media company in Australia and New Zealand. As the publishers of myChristiandaily.com, Christian Woman, Inspired Business, the soon-to-be-launched myChristiandaily.com Jobs, Find a Christian School, Find a Christian College, Find a Christian Mission, book publisher Ark House, music label studio 7, and advertising and digital agency Initiate Agency, we seek to glorify God through relevant, contemporary print and digital publications, business directories, books, music and online media.
With many years of experience in media, Initiate Media is committed to bringing Christian business owners and the Christian community together via Find a Christian Business.


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